Tampa Divorce Company Growth Tips

From Zero to Hero…How a small Tampa divorce company grew

When Yamil Francisco decided to open Tampa Divorce Center she had a small goal: To Feed Her Family

Prior to moving to Tampa she owned Apex Legal Solutions, the busiest divorce preparation business in Miami. Upon her husband getting a job in Tampa they decided it was best to move the family to Tampa and grow there.

Moving to Tampa was hard

Tampa family court

In the beginning Ms. Francisco wanted to move away from the divorce industry because of how emotionally taxing it is to work with people going through what may be the hardest season of their life. So Ms. Francisco started using her SEO skills, the same skills that allowed her to grow her prior business. Unfortunately when she got very busy from her own search engine marketing efforts she hired someone from Bangladesh that ruined her site and get her in trouble with the Bar Association.

After being shaken from that experience and then relocating to Tampa, she made a decision that would change her life.

Learning SEO the Real Way

Tampa SEO learning from the pros

She joined the now defunct Source University to learn from experts in the industry. As part of her training she started to practice SEO on different domains, one of them tampadivorcecenter.us.

Her website rankings hit page 1 within 3 months and she started getting phone calls and emails shortly thereafter.

With no marketing budget or ad expense the website was getting traffic with people looking for Tampa divorce preparation services.

Eventually she found someone to take over the website and keep working on other projects.

As she focused on ranking this website she also learned the importance of keyword research. Performing a deep search into the potential keywords to rank were super important to keep bringing quality traffic to the website and keep growing the customer base.

One of the keywords she decided to target is Tampa family court, while the keyword only has 90 searches per month this is enough to bring traffic in such a local keyword.

Hence it’s not always necessary to go for the big keywords. Her strategy was to go for small strategies such as family court Tampa with a similar search volume of 90 versus huge ones like Tampa divorce attorney which has which has 1,000 searches.

She pretty much kept this strategy, steadily going after small volume keywords until the site kept showing up on the 1st page of Google for the Tampa divorce related keywords.

How the Keywords were found

She used a tool called serped.net. This tool does everything someone performing SEO will need for their rankings.

Here are some of the tools included:

  1. What ranks where
  2. Keyword analyzer
  3. Long tail keyword
  4. Site explorer
  5. Bulk URL analyzer
  6. Backlinks explorer
  7. Domain finding tools (perfect to purchase PBN’s)
  8. Site Management tools
  9. Social exchanger (you can swap reviews here, testimonials, etc)
  10. Rank tracking
  11. Client aquisition tools (perfect for lead capturing)
  12. Other tools like spintax checker, google index checker, content restorer)
  13. Automatic system reporting

There are so many more tools included with serped.net that it’s truly an All in One software.

When asking Ms. Francisco what was her secret sauce for being able to do so much for ranking her websites, including tampadivorcecenter.us without adding extra expenses; her recommendation was Serped.net.