Tampa Divorce Company Growth Tips

From Zero to Hero…How a small Tampa divorce company grew

When Yamil Francisco decided to open Tampa Divorce Center she had a small goal: To Feed Her Family

Prior to moving to Tampa she owned Apex Legal Solutions, the busiest divorce preparation business in Miami. Upon her husband getting a job in Tampa they decided it was best to move the family to Tampa and grow there.

Moving to Tampa was hard

Tampa family court

In the beginning Ms. Francisco wanted to move away from the divorce industry because of how emotionally taxing it is to work with people going through what may be the hardest season of their life. So Ms. Francisco started using her SEO skills, the same skills that allowed her to grow her prior business. Unfortunately when she got very busy from her own search engine marketing efforts she hired someone from Bangladesh that ruined her site and get her in trouble with the Bar Association.

After being shaken from that experience and then relocating to Tampa, she made a decision that would change her life.

Learning SEO the Real Way

Tampa SEO learning from the pros

She joined the now defunct Source University to learn from experts in the industry. As part of her training she started to practice SEO on different domains, one of them tampadivorcecenter.us.

Her website rankings hit page 1 within 3 months and she started getting phone calls and emails shortly thereafter.

With no marketing budget or ad expense the website was getting traffic with people looking for Tampa divorce preparation services.

Eventually she found someone to take over the website and keep working on other projects.

As she focused on ranking this website she also learned the importance of keyword research. Performing a deep search into the potential keywords to rank were super important to keep bringing quality traffic to the website and keep growing the customer base.

One of the keywords she decided to target is Tampa family court, while the keyword only has 90 searches per month this is enough to bring traffic in such a local keyword.

Hence it’s not always necessary to go for the big keywords. Her strategy was to go for small strategies such as family court Tampa with a similar search volume of 90 versus huge ones like Tampa divorce attorney which has which has 1,000 searches.

She pretty much kept this strategy, steadily going after small volume keywords until the site kept showing up on the 1st page of Google for the Tampa divorce related keywords.

How the Keywords were found

She used a tool called serped.net. This tool does everything someone performing SEO will need for their rankings.

Here are some of the tools included:

  1. What ranks where
  2. Keyword analyzer
  3. Long tail keyword
  4. Site explorer
  5. Bulk URL analyzer
  6. Backlinks explorer
  7. Domain finding tools (perfect to purchase PBN’s)
  8. Site Management tools
  9. Social exchanger (you can swap reviews here, testimonials, etc)
  10. Rank tracking
  11. Client aquisition tools (perfect for lead capturing)
  12. Other
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Florida divorce without court appearance

Status of Legal IndustryTechnology

Legal Industry Technology Report 2018

Technology has affected many industries through the last few years. There are a few industries that come to mind quickly such as the cell phone industry and the television industry. It is obvious these industries have benefited tremendously from advances in technology.

Take Apple for instance. Their latest smart phone model Iphone X (latest since the writing of this article) is a perfect example. Sold for $1,000 each, a ballsy move many experts criticized. Per an article on theverge.com during the 1st quarter of 2018 Apple sold 77.3 million iphones X.

People will pay whatever it takes to have the latest and greatest of these gadgets. It’s only normal that technology would help advance systems in other areas, including the legal field.

How Others In the Legal Industry Are Adapting

Companies like Divorce in Florida Online have fully taken advantage of the courts technology advances. Their whole business proposition is to assist pro-se divorce filers to file their divorce documents online, and if possible help their clients obtain a divorce final judgement without going to court. They are not alone in this business landscape though, there are many other websites offering the same type of services, including some law firms.

This Was Then – This is NOW

Just a few years ago law firms would hire people or companies to file cases in court. Back in 2012 when the “foreclosure boom” happened so did the court delivery services industry.

They would go to court on a daily basis with carts loaded with documents. Many documents were to file with the clerk of court to evict people from their homes. These individuals would be at the courthouse all day waiting for the clerk to finish docketing each case, only to return the next day to do it all over again.

The clerks would be working non-stop to accurately record new cases, stamp each page requiring the case number and enter in the computer the information required such as the petitioner and the owner names and addresses.

Now, most courthouses around the United States have online court document filing.

The legal field is usually last to take advantage of technology advances. It took many years for states to implement efiling. The State Congress had to approve the budget. Then contracts had to be reviewed and granted, and new processes and procedures implemented.

How Courthouses Are Adapting

Most courthouses have adapted to the advances by providing extensive training and updating the configuration of the workplace. Current clerk of courts offices have more staff on the “back” versus dealing with the public than a few years ago. At least in the State of Florida attorneys are required to use the e-filing system to file civil and family cases, and many pro-se filers are filing their documents also in the eifling portals.

How Law Firms Are Adapting

Many law firms have adopted by hiring administrative staff that can handle the efling process. Since …

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Selecting An Online Business

Lots of people nowadays are searching at selecting an online business. With respect to the business and how long that’s put in it, the company may either generate some extra cash, or it may generate a lot of money, and any place in between. Its not all home based business suits everybody, so you will have to pick one that fits your needs.

The very first factor you will have to determine is exactly what you anticipate from an online business. Would you like some extra cash to create your vehicle payment, or must you make enough earnings to reside on. Generally, the greater effort and time you place in to the business, the greater money you may make. Decide the length of time place in to the business. If you’re beginning your company quietly, then you don’t want to disregard your family job. Additionally you don’t want to sacrifice a lot of time with the family.

Decide who your clients is going to be. You will have to know whenever possible about readers. Could they be mostly women or men? What age could they be? What’s the amount level? You have to decide who your target audience is, and who you need to use. After you have identified your target audience, then you should know what they need and what they desire. When you are aware this, you are able to decide the proper way to fill their demands, and to locate a business design to assist them to.

You are able to provide your clients with either services or products. Generally, a company selling an item will require less effort and time than selling something. Let’s say you sell an item, you don’t even require a product to market. Oftentimes, marketing another person’s product, and produce a commission for every purchase. If you’re able to make your own product, though, your profit could be greater. If you choose that you’ve skills that others need, marketing them your merchandise. Bear in mind this could take more of your energy than selling an item.

After you have found your market, and selected your products or services, you will have to generate a website and advertise it. Among the simplest ways to get this done is thru social networking. You are able to generate a page on Facebook or perhaps a profile on Twitter, and begin creating a following. Just ensure that you aren’t adding just anybody for your list, but add people who match your target audience. Don’t junk e-mail your supporters. Use social networking to get at know them, and also to communicate with them. Don’t simply send message after message saying “Buy! Buy! Buy!” Allow them to inquire, and make certain to reply to them nicely.

Beginning an online business can be achieved in just a couple of hrs per week or place in forty plus hrs each week. Bear in mind, the more you place to your business, …

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Business Opportunity | Pressure Cleaning Service Orlando

On The Lookout For A Small Business Idea?

There are many things that you can do when you are on the lookout for a small business opportunity idea. First of all, you need to realize that if you are looking for a small business opportunity idea, it is just as if you are looking for a regular business opportunity idea. The only thing that is different is that you want to run a small business, which means that you aren’t planning on having as many employees, and you aren’t going to be very large. So, there are some things that need to play into it when you are looking for a small business opportunity idea.

The first thing that you want to do when you are looking for a small business opportunity is whether or not you can make money with the small business. This might be something that sounds like it would be obvious, but a lot of the time people don’t bother making sure that their business venture is actually going to make them money. There are many times when you should take a look at the various business plan options, just to be sure that the one you are following is going to be worthwhile. You must be able to look at the business plan and determine what is going to allow you to make money and what is not. The plan should be available, and it should clearly show that you are going to be able to make money.

The other thing that you wan to keep in mind when you are looking for a small business opportunity idea is something that is going to be fun for you. This also might seem obvious, but you would be surprised to know that a lot of people get involved with a small business opportunity idea that doesn’t make them happy, and then end up spending too much time on their small business idea, and they don’t end up enjoying the time that they spend on it.

The other thing that you want to keep in mind is the idea that you are going to be doing this small business opportunity idea for a long time, so you have to be sure that you are doing something you want to do for the long term. You also have to be sure that you are giving yourself plenty of chances for improvement and advancement. These are all things that you have to be sure you keep in mind while you are dealing with the small business opportunity idea. It is very important that you keep all of these things in mind because it might be important to you in the future, because a small business opportunity is something that you should always be keeping in mind as a viable option for the future.

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Solo Professionals | Miami Beach Lash Extensions Training

Cash Flow Planning

You’ve heard it millions of occasions – income could make or break a company. Insufficient income planning is why many companies fail. Actually, many Lucrative companies fail due to income issues. Without sufficient income, you cannot repay what you owe and also you can’t make plans for the business.

So… what’s income planning? Income planning is projecting your future cash inflows from sales, services, and loans, and evaluating these to your future income needs (suppliers, salaries/wages, loan repayments, taxes, etc.). The main difference backward and forward is the internet income.

Exactly why is income planning essential? Income planning will help you identify problems lower the street, and connect them before they occur. Income planning will also help you are making decisions for example must i attend that conference I’ve desired to attend, must i purchase the new computer I’ve wanted, or should i work harder this month to prevent a money flow deficiency the following month?

The initial step in planning your money flow is understanding in which you spend your hard earned money! Solo entrepreneurs require a good grip on their business and personal spending, since many solo entrepreneurs depend on their own business earnings to satisfy personal finance goals (i.e., settle the bills!). So, you need to track your personal as well as your business spending, although I suggest that you simply have them separate (that’s a subject simply by itself).

What’s the easiest method to track your spending?

You should use pen & paper, spreadsheets or perhaps a computer software. The best way for you personally is how we will really use regularly.

You need to project your spending not less than the following 12 several weeks so you include annual along with other periodic expenses. If you’re experiencing a money flow crisis, you need to track & project your money flow every week, rather of monthly.

If you are a existing business, you are able to project your money flow for the following year by reviewing your expenses for this past year. If you’re a start up business, you will have to estimate your starting costs additionally to regular operating expenses.

Starting costs include inventory, legal expenses, advertising, licenses & permits, supplies, and much more costs that you might not have access to considered. To analyze startup costs you need to speak to your local Small Company Development Center, speak to a SCORE counselor, join categories of similar business proprietors, and browse as numerous books or articles you’ll find about them.

To enhance your money flow, you need to:

1. Complete the very first 3 steps. You need to understand income planning, track your money flow, and project your future spending needs before you enhance your income.

2. Create best and worst situation scenarios and make appropriate responses to both scenarios. For instance, in case your best situation scenario would be to increase sales by 50%, how would you make use of the profits? Are you …

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Web Conferencing | Insurance Agency Kendall Lakes

Communication is the Key

Every business such as insurance agency Kendall Lakes, knows that communication is key to keep everything smooth and running. But globalization is making communication just a tad bit complicated for any business since it is not easy trying to maintain good relations with a client that’s located oceans away.

That is why businesses today are compelled to find better and more efficient means to communicate, collaborate, perform business processes, and deliver services. And the solution? Web conferencing guide.

Web conferencing guide is fast becoming one of the most effective ways to improve productivity levels in the workplace while at the same time control costs, strengthen communications, streamline business processes, and collaborate more effectively, enterprise-wide.

For this reason, organizations worldwide are finding out that web conferencing guide is more than just a simple feature of their business phone systems. It has become something more – essential even. Web conferencing guide serves as a key ingredient to collaboration within the business, resulting in new levels of productivity, competitiveness, and profitability.

But here in lies the question. With the number of web conferencing guides available out there, how do you know which solution package is right for your organization? Is audio-only conferencing adequate?

Or do you need a combination package of audio and web conferencing guide to give you extra benefits? Which makes more economic sense – purchasing a web conferencing guide on a per usage basis? Or to invest in an in-house conferencing solution?

Web Conferencing Guide: The Benefits of Synchronous Communications

The way business is conducted has experienced a drastic change through the years. Gone are the days of using actual paper documents to circulate information within the business. Now, email stands as the main medium of disseminating new corporate policies, rules, and the like. But the growing trend towards globalization demands more than just the static, non-interactive information that email makes possible. Businesses today demand real time, “live” communication media that gives the feeling of “right here, right now” to it. And thus, web conferencing guides came to be.

Like all synchronous communications interfaces, web conferencing guides bring greater interactivity, immediacy, and more natural collaboration experience to the users. For instance, web conferencing guides allows spontaneous or scheduled business communication and collaboration within an enterprise. The application lets you incorporate visual support and shared documents for that greater “participatory” appeal to attendees.

And what sets web conferencing guides apart from the rest of the synchronous communications technologies is its ability to support desktop to desktop communication to the extent of sharing screen times with your fellow participants. Rich media, meeting tools, and document sharing are only a few of the many features of web conferencing guides.

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Purchasing Jewelry Trends Today

Fashion Jewelry Purchasing Trends Today

Jewelry purchases have historically being made by men for women. Today we are seeing this trend change, ever so slightly but never the less significant. For Men Diamond jewelry for men makes an ideal present today. Guy typically wear fashion jewelry provided to them, however, they don’t think of buying it for themselves.

They wind up using their class ring years after they have actually graduated. School pride is not exactly what keeps them with that usual piece of collegiate precious jewelry, but rather it is a lack of other options. But fortunately, this is changing.

Today guys are starting to purchase precious jewelry on their own, such as chains, diamond rings, watches, bracelets and diamond studded earrings. Some buy jewelry as a status symbol.

The days of guys disliking and not wearing precious jewelry are over.

Women no longer have a firm grip on the precious jewelry market. Jewelry discovered in routine stores provides little bit in the way of guys’s fashion jewelry. Usually, the males’s area might have a small showing of watches and possibly a couple of over the top rings. As an outcome, men trying to find manly fashion jewelry will often go on the internet for variety and price.

Whether it’s a wedding band or a gold bracelet to use with his power suit, a male now has alternatives. Due to low markup, guys’s precious jewelry can be bought for astonishingly low rates on the internet.The remarkable selection of men’s jewelry is an outcome of sellers having an abundance of resources for fine fashion jewelry.

Instead of selling one brand, many online shops will offer different makers, products and styles.Men that look around for that right or distinct piece of precious jewelry want high quality products.

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Guys are recommended to patronize online shops that have info such as clarity, materials, cut and other qualities plainly displayed. Because males have ended up being so thinking about acquiring and wearing fashion jewelry it makes because that they would go shopping online for the much better rates and options.Diamond precious jewelry for guys has become a financially rewarding market.

More and more merchants such as the local precious jewelry shop and outlet store have actually gotten on the band wagon. However the much better buy is still online. Look around and you will see that men are starting to wear more diamonds than ladies. There is genuine evidence showing that fine jewelry are not just a lady’s buddy. They have become man’s buddy also.

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Business News Re: Insurance

Mortgage Insurance News
Excellent News For Home Buyers

Although house prices are on the rise in Canada, as much as 10%, there readies news for being able to manage your home. This news would have a direct impact for house purchasers that would fall under the 80% to 100% purchase price for their homes.

What’s New For Home loan Insurance?

Some people remain in the scenario that they can’t put 25% down, and are required to pay countless dollars in home mortgage life insurance.

Inning accordance with the home loan broker company Golden Gables insurance company (goldengablesinsurance.com), people in this position accounted for 42% of the marketplace at the end of September.

In a research note to its brokers Invis has actually tracked the effect f competitors and risk-based rates on home loan where the client obtain 100% of the rate of a house.

Some of the changes that Genworth kept in mind for people who take a high ratio insured mortgage are: Home mortgage insurance is obligatory is you have a down payment of less than 20%. For individuals who obtain 100% of the expense of their house, insurance providers are now now factoring in the debtor’s credit rating in a manner that can decrease this cost of protection.

This is called risk-based rates, and it’s the manner in which nearly all insurance coverage works.This use of risk-based rates is the outcome of increasing competition in the home loan insurance coverage company.

Where there utilized to be only to gamers in the field, the federal government’s Canada Home mortgage and Real Estate Corp, and Genworth Financial, there are new gamers as well.How Does This

Modification Buying Home loan Insurance?

When Genworth announced that is would permit purchasers to obtain as much as 95% to 100% of their mortgage at 3.75%, a new mortgage insurance provider called AIG United Warranty stated it would offer the exact same coverage for 3.70%. Could this pattern in fulfilling accountable debtors end up being more prevalent in the mortgage insurance company? Short of a retreat in house costs, the best bet for enhanced price for home purchasers would seem to be additional competition between home mortgage insurance providers.

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How To Start A Small Business Advice

Every business starts out small. The people who own chains like Wal-Mart or perhaps Sears did not start out with a series of stores. They started out just like every other business owner out there. Though there are a lot of small businesses that fail, there are some that grow and thrive as if they have taken on a life of their own. When you are starting out you need some really good small business advice to get you going in the right direction. There are many places where you can get this type of advice, and it will be up to you to decide what advice is good, and what you should ignore.

If you want to get small business advice from someone in your own community, you want to look for a successful business in your area that will not be in competition with you. Though someone who might be direct competition for you, they may be willing to give you advice, but I wouldn’t count on it. You want to ask someone for small business advice if the creation or existence of your business will not threaten his or her own success. That may sound like common sense but there are many who don’t take that into consideration.

You may also get small business advice by looking online. You may have to weed through hundreds of bad web sites to find a good one, but there is a lot of great advice out there. Much of it is common sense, but there are sometimes when even the smartest people need to have things spelled out for them. Small business advice is mostly common sense, but there are trick and tips that can help a struggling business become a very successful business. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of making a few small tweaks in your plan.

There are many books out there that offer small business advice as well. These are often great sources of information. These are written by those who have had great success with a small business, and they are now willing to share what they know with everyone else. This small business advice might be catered to one type of business, but you can always take these tips and apply them to your own endeavor. What works for one business might not work for another, but with a little work and creative thinking, you can find the advice you need.

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Insolvency And Corporate Bankruptcy In China


China’s insolvency regime is still developing. Insolvency remains a particularly sensitive issue in China because there many technically insolvent state-owned enterprises and financial institutions, forcing China to choose between economic inefficiency and mass lay-offs that could disrupt social stability.

Commencement of Insolvency Action

Both voluntary and involuntary actions are available (instituted by the debtor or a creditor, respectively). An insolvency action begins with an application in the People’s Court for a declaration of insolvency; the applicant must show that the debtor is unable to repay its debts as they come due. A declaration of insolvency will stay all other proceedings against the debtor company, but usually requires the company to suspend its business operations.


The People’s Court will notify creditors of the commencement of insolvency procedures by either written notice or public announcement. Creditors notified by written notice must claim their rights within 30 days of the date of receipt, and creditors who have not received written notice have three months from the public announcement to claim their rights. Missing these deadlines will extinguish the creditor’s claims.


All property either owned by the company at the date of the insolvency declaration or thereafter acquired is available for distribution to creditors, including intellectual property, real estate, equity investments and property recovered from a voidable transaction. This property is usually liquidated through auction.

Voidable Transactions

Certain acts of an SOE are deemed invalid if they are committed any time from six months prior to the court’s acceptance of the insolvency petition to the date of the insolvency declaration (or committed by an FIE within 180 days prior to the commencement of liquidation):

* Sale of property at substantially below market value
* Concealment, secret distributions, or gifts of property
* Surrender of claims as a creditor
* Provision of security for previously unsecured debt
* Repayment of debts prior to maturity

Distribution Priority

Claims must usually be paid in the following order (although in some jurisdictions employee claims outrank even secured creditors):

1. Secured creditors
2. Insolvency expenses
3. Employee wages and unpaid social security payments
4. Outstanding taxes
5. Unsecured creditors

Corporate Bankruptcy Law

China recently adopted a new Corporate Bankruptcy Law to replace the provisional Enterprise Bankruptcy Law that has been in place since1986, marking a major advance in its corporate bankruptcy system. The law will go into effect on June 1, 2007. This law clarifies the bankruptcy issues of financial organizations, balances the rights and interests labor and guarantee creditors, and redefines the liquidation order in enterprise bankruptcy. China’s New Corporate Bankruptcy Law has been badly needed for quite some time, as the development of China’s market economy has naturally resulted in increasing bankruptcies, especially in the state-owned sector.

The law covers all corporate entities including state-owned enterprises, private domestically funded enterprises, and foreign invested enterprises. Perhaps its most praiseworthy feature is a reorganization system to allow ailing enterprises to avoid bankruptcy. It also deals admirably with cross-border bankruptcy …

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